One of the first things I do when I begin documenting your wedding day is getting some detail shots. Details are often things that you poured time and effort into and help make your wedding distinctly you, so they deserve some photo love! In order to get these shots, I ask my couples to gather all the details you want photographed into two boxes, or bags that can be handed to me and the second shooter, while you are getting ready. Bridal items, invitations, and rings go to me and the groom’s items goes to the second shooter.

Popular detail items are…

· Rings (engagement and both wedding rings)

· Invitations (2 copies)

· Bouquet

· Bridal jewelry and veil

· Shoes (his & hers)

· Ties, cufflinks, watches, a few boutonnieres

· Family heirlooms

· Extras: perfume/ cologne, cigars

· Vow books

Pro Tips: 

Take your wedding dress out of the bag and hang it up as soon as soon as you get to the venue to decrease any chance of wrinkles. 

Ask the florist to deliver the bridal bouquet and some extra loose florals to the bridal suite just before my arrival and boutonnieres delivered to the boys so they can be included in your detail shots.

If you want to take your detail shots to the next level, you can do things like buy a nice ring box in your one of your wedding colors, get cute vow books, or include some nice ribbon. All of these items can be found on Amazon or Etsy, and if your budget allows for it, there is the always popular, Mrs Ring boxes.

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