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Ashley + Nick’s Engagement Session

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Romance at Wingaersheek Beach

man kisses his fiancee's hand at wingaersheek beach

Love stories are often woven with a unique blend of personalities, interests, and chance encounters. Meet Ashley and Nick, a couple whose journey from strangers on a dating app to soulmates is nothing short of a modern-day rom com. Hailing from different states, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, these two lovebirds found each other on OkCupid, proving that love knows no borders.

A Match Made in Football Heaven: It all began with a simple message and a witty pickup line. Nick noticed Ashley’s love for football and the legendary player, Gronk. He proceeded to use a line about her love for both making her absolute perfection in his eyes, and that made a big impact on Ashley! The pickup line lead to a date and the date lead to love. Seven years later I got to capture their love at Wingaersheek Beach, a dreamy backdrop for romance located in Gloucester, Massachusetts on a perfect summer evening.

Ashley, a self proclaimed hippie, adores the outdoors and has a special love for the ocean, making it the perfect place for her and Nick’s engagement session. With their toes in the sand and the ocean breeze in their hair, the couple embraced the ethereal beauty of the beach, allowing their love to shine through. And boy did it ever! From cuddling on the dunes to strolling hand in hand along the shore and stealing kisses, these two had an undeniable connection. Their laughter echoed against the crashing waves, and their genuine affection exuded an aura of warmth and tranquility. Being in the presence of such a great couple (and one who made my job so incredibly easy!) was an absolute pleasure and I am so beyond excited to capture their upcoming wedding!

couple embrace on gloucester beach
engaged couple on a beach
couple dance on the beach
woman sits in fiancee's lap
engaged couple having fun on beach
a couple embraces with a close up of the woman's engagement ring
engaged couple takes a walk down the beach
engaged couple cuddles on the sand dunes
newly engaged couple celebrate on the beach
man kisses his fiancee's shoulder during engagement session
couple shares romantic moment during sunset on wingaersheek beach
couple holds hands and walks on the beach
couple have a private moment by the water
Couple kiss and walk through the surf on a beach in glouceser

Why Wingaersheek Beach?

When Ashley and Nick told me that wanted to do their engagement session on a beach and asked for recommendations, I knew just the one. Wingaersheek beach is a gem nestled on the shores of Gloucester, Massachusetts that stands out as the perfect backdrop for your love story with its pristine beauty, serene atmosphere, and captivating scenery.

Wingaersheek Beach boasts a picturesque landscape that sets the stage for a dreamy engagement session. The beach is renowned for its long stretches of soft, white sand and the iconic “Wingaersheek Rocks.” These distinctive rock formations provide a natural and visually interesting backdrop for your engagement photos that most other beaches do not have. As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, the warm hues of the sunset cast a magical glow over the beach, adding a touch of romance that is truly unforgettable.

Versatility in Settings

Whether you’re envisioning a sun-soaked beach shoot, a cozy picnic in the dunes, or a playful session by the water’s edge, Wingaersheek Beach offers a versatile range of settings to suit your engagement vision. The beach’s expansive shoreline allows for diverse shots, ensuring that your engagement album is a beautiful tapestry of moments capturing your unique connection. From candid shots to more posed images, Wingaersheek Beach provides the perfect canvas for expressing the depth and variety of your relationship.

The beach’s natural beauty ensures that your engagement photos will be a timeless reflection of your love, regardless of the season.

Secluded and Intimate Atmosphere

Because there are so many picturesque locations within in the beach, Wingaersheek Beach offers a sense of seclusion and intimacy that is perfect for capturing genuine and heartfelt moments. The quieter, less populated stretches of the beach allow you and your photographer the freedom to explore different angles and compositions without the distractions of a bustling crowd. This intimate atmosphere creates a comfortable space for you and your partner to relax, be yourselves, and let the love between you shine through in every photograph.

Easy Accessibility

Wingaersheek Beach is not only a stunning location, but also easily accessible. Its convenient location in Gloucester means you and your photographer won’t have to trek through difficult terrain, or face logistical challenges, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable engagement session. With ample parking nearby, you can focus on creating beautiful memories without the hassle of transportation.

In conclusion, Wingaersheek Beach stands out as the ideal location for your engagement session, offering a breathtaking backdrop, versatile settings, an intimate atmosphere, and easy accessibility. This hidden gem along the Massachusetts coastline provides the perfect canvas to capture the essence of your love story, ensuring that your engagement photos are as timeless and beautiful as the commitment you share. Choose Wingaersheek Beach for an engagement session that will leave you with cherished memories and stunning photographs to last a lifetime.

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