How to Nail Your Engagement Photos

Engaged couple in Newport Rhode Island

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5 tips on how to nail your engagement photos
  1. Pick a location that is true to you as a couple. Your engagement session will always mean more to you and illicit more genuine feelings if it is the type of location that you would frequently go, or if it holds some kind of importance to you. For example if you are a couple that loves the beach, do it there, or choose the place you went on your first date, or where you proposed. Maybe it the woods you love to walk in, or the park where who shared your first kiss.
  2. Think about the vibe you are going for: Do you want to go more casual, or more dressy? Do you want upscale urban? Or soft, romantic, and natural?
  3. No matter what you wear you want it to be true to you, whether it is the casual you, or the fancy you. If you wear heels all the time, go ahead and wear your best pair of heels! If you are more of a flats kind of girl don’t wear heels because you feel like it is “the thing to do”. If you are uncomfortable, or self conscious because of something you are wearing it will carry through into your photos. And in the end there is nothing more beautiful than your true authentic self.
  4. Coordinate with you partner: This might sound obvious, but you guys should agree on the look and the theme you are going for, so you look like a couple. You do not need to match, but you should pick colors that compliment each other. This goes for patterns too. I recommend if you plan to wear say a patterned dress, or a patterned shirt that the other person wear something that is more neutral so you do not clash.
  5. Have fun! This is a low stakes situation and is merely a practice run for your wedding photos, you literally can not mess them up. The best photos are always those of people who are having a good time and just being themselves.

Bonus Tips:

→ This is a perfect time to try out any hair, or makeup styles you are thinking of for the wedding.

→ Do not forget to do your nails and clean your ring! You and your partner are the main attraction of the shoot, but you are going to want that ring on full display.

→ Men this one is mainly for you because women are often robbed of pockets, but make sure those pockets are empty. We do not want outlines of cellphones, or bulky wallets causing distractions.

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