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Ethereal elegance: Crafting a dreamy bridal look with flowing fabrics and delicate blooms

Ethereal bride sitting in a soft flowy wedding dress.

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Embarking on the journey to create the perfect bridal look is a magical experience, filled with creativity, collaboration, and attention to detail. In this blog post, I’m thrilled to share my recent venture into the world of bridal styling, where I partnered with the talented team at Bremelia Bridal, Floral Lab, Awright Hair, Lauren C Beauty, and Laura Preshong to craft a soft, romantic, and ethereal bridal aesthetic that dreams are made of.

Peach and mint bouquet from Floral Lab.

The Dress: A symphony of flowing fabrics and intricate details

Central to this ethereal bridal vision was the hand-crafted wedding dress from Bremelia Bridal. Renowned for their luxurious custom designs, Bremelia Bridal created a gown that seamlessly blended sophistication with whimsy. Flowing fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and a keen eye for detail resulted in a dress that not only draped gracefully, but also captured the essence of soft romance.

The “Carmen” gown had a very subtle blush hue and was adorned with dainty leaf and floral appliqué that played a pivotal role in achieving the desired ethereal look. The flowing silhouette and gentle tones are enough to make you feel like a princess, or elven queen.

Ethereal bride in a soft romantic wedding dress from Bremelia Bridal

The Bouquet: Nature’s soft palette

Collaborating with Floral Lab was an absolute delight, as their expertise in crafting breathtaking arrangements aligned perfectly with our vision. The bouquet, a masterpiece in soft pinks, whites, and lush greens, mirrored the romance of the gown. Delicate blooms such as roses, ranunculus, and queen anne’s lace were artfully arranged, evoking a sense of a wild and whimsical garden.

The choice of soft colors in the bouquet not only complemented the dress but also added a touch of femininity and timelessness. Each petal seemed to whisper tales of love and joy, creating a harmonious blend of nature’s soft palette against the flowing fabrics of the gown.

soft elegant bridal bouquet from Floral Lab
ethereal romantic wedding bouquet from FloralLab in Boston.
Bridal bouquet with soft pink roses, carnations, scabiosa, and Queen Anne's lace from Floral lab in Boston, MA.

Hair and Makeup: Awright Hair and Lauren C Beauty

To complete the ethereal bridal transformation, Awright Hair and Lauren C Beauty worked their magic. Awright Hair styled the bride’s tresses in soft cascading curls that framed her face with an effortless grace. The chosen hairstyle perfectly complemented the flowing fabrics of the dress, adding a touch of romance to every movement.

Meanwhile, Lauren C Beauty brought the bride’s natural beauty to the forefront with a dewy-toned makeup look. Soft, muted tones enhanced the bride’s features, creating an ethereal glow that spoke of inner radiance and joy. Together, the hair and makeup seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic, ensuring the bride looked and felt like a vision of soft, romantic enchantment.

Half up wedding hair do with soft curls
a bride with soft delicate make up that is natural and ethereal.
ethereal wedding hair and make up look with soft cascading curls and natural makeup.

Finishing Touches: Laura Preshong’s Delicate Rings

No bridal look is complete without the perfect accessories, and Laura Preshong’s delicate rings provided the finishing touches. Crafted with precision and adorned with subtle details, these rings added a touch of sophistication and refinement to the ethereal ensemble. Each piece told a story of love and commitment, intertwining seamlessly with the overall narrative of the bridal look.

dainty wedding rings from laura preshong.
delicate wedding and engagement rings from Laura Preshong.
wedding and engagement rings from Laura Preshong on a soft linen background surrounded by white and green florals

Crafting this ethereal bridal look was a journey of collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail. From the flowing fabrics of the hand-made gown by Bremelia Bridal to the soft blooms of the bouquet by Floral Lab, and the expert styling by Awright Hair and Lauren C Beauty, every element contributed to a vision of soft, romantic enchantment. Laura Preshong’s delicate rings provided the perfect finishing touch, completing the story of love and commitment woven into this dreamy bridal aesthetic. Together, these elements culminated in a bridal look that was not just inspirational but a true reflection of ethereal elegance.

Wedding florals from Floral Lab, wedding and engagement rings from Laura Preshong, and a wedding dress from Bremelia Bridal
Bride twirling in a soft romantic Bremelia wedding gown.
Bride running away and looking over her shoulder in a soft flowing wedding gown.

Dress: Bremelia Bridal

Flowers: Floral Lab

Rings: Laura Preshong

Hair: Awright Hair

Makeup: Lauren C Beauty

Model: Andrea Kostovick

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